Double Mind: Classic
How to play

First, you enter the DoubleMind:Classic menu page, where you can select the size of the grid which you will play with, and the maximum number of colors you can use.

You can also select to activate the interactive tutorial while you're playing.
When you press the Start button, the game begins.
Your goal in the DoubleMind:Classic game is to guess a combination of different colors, which are disposed into a grid, in a maximum number of tentatives depending on the grid size and the nummber of colors you chose.
The greater are the colors number and the grid size you selected, the more tries will be available.

Changing the colors

On the left side of the screen your previous tries are shown; on the right, your current try is shown.

When the previous tries are more than two, you can scroll them up and down.

To change a color in the current try, simply touch any empty/full cell of the grid and a palette with all the avalilable colors will appear. You can now tap on any color of the palette to change the selected ball's color (or clear it).

If you touch and move your finger on the grid, a rectangle is drawn and you will be able to select multiple balls. If you then tap again, the color palette will appear and you will change the color of all selected balls with the one you select in the palette.

Alternatively, if you tap on any previous try on the left, the corresponding color(s) in the position(s) you selected in the current try will be copied from the previous try you indicated.
When all the cells of your current try are not empty, you can submit your try by either tapping the ok button which appears on the top left corner of the grid, or by opening the game menu on the left of the screen (either by dragging it to the right or just tapping it) and press the Ok button:

Once you submit your try, the computer will check it against the solution and will answer with some indications. For each row and each column of the grid, the right colors in the right place and the right colors in the wrong place are counted. A right color in the right position (but - obviously - not the position itself) is indicated by a small black ball, while a right color in a wrong place is indicated by a small white ball. After each try, for each row and column you'll know how many right colors in the right place and in the wrong place are disposed in that row/column, but you won't know which ones of them are in the right place, or in the wrong place, or not matching with any colors in that row/column.


The following example shows how the small white and black balls are disposed besides the rows/columns, depending on how the try matches the solution. Here is what happens for the rows (only two of them are shown for clarity):

For the columns, it works in the same way:

Each color in every row/column can be considered only once in the right colors counting. In the example, in the first column only one yellow is considered as "right in the right place", because in the solution there is only one yellow in that column.

If all the colors are right in the right position, you win the game. Winning a game means that you can unlock more colors and select bigger grid sizes (for a maximum of 10 colors and 5 rows/columns). If you don't manage to win before the last try, you can still continue playing but you will not be able to unlock new features.

To help yourself keep track of the colors you think to be in the right position, you can mark them as "right" by double tapping on them:

Once a color is marked, it will be kept when you will switch to the next tentative.
To un-mark a color, simply double tap on it again.

Unlocking new colors and rows / columns

If you win, you will unlock new colors and you will be able to play with bigger grids (maximum 5x5). More precisely:

  • In the easiest levels, you must win at least twice with the current maximum number of rows, columns and colors to unlock either new rows / columns or new colors. Later on, for harder levels only one win will be enough to unlock the next features.
  • The maximum numbers of rows / columns / colors in this game will not change if you unlock new rows / columns / colors in other games

In-game Menu

When you either tap or drag to the right the vertical bar on the left side of the screen, the In-Game Menu will appear. You can chose one of the following options:

  click it when you are sure about your current try. If you don't win, you will be passed automatically to the next try. The Ok button is disabled unless all the slots of the grid have a color.

  cancels the last operation made on the current try, restoring the grid to the previous state.
  if you did Undo before, Redo will restore the grid to the last operation you canceled.
  fills the empty grid's cells with random colors, and leaves the already assigned colors untouched.
  fills the whole gris with random colors, including the already assigned ones, but it keeps the flagged colors untouched.
  quits the current game.

Copyright © 2010 Luciano Morpurgo