Double Mind: Shift
How to play

First, you enter the DoubleMind:Shift menu page, where you can select the size of the grid which you will play with, and the maximum number of colors you can use.

You can also select to activate the interactive tutorial while you're playing.
When you press the Start button, the game begins.
At the beginning of the game, you are given a combination of different colors, which are disposed into your grid (marked as You).
Your goal is to dispose the colors like the configuration shown on the top right of the screen (Solution), by shifting the rows and the columns of your grid.

To shift a row, tap on a color in it and drag to the left/right: all the colors in the same row will shift by one position in the direction you moved, and the color ending out of the grid will reappear in the opposite position in the row.
The same happens when shifting a column, if you drag it up or down.

Playing against the computer

Normally, you play against the computer player (Mr. Kobayashi) who uses the small grid on the bottom left, and plays independently from you. You win if you set the colors in the right configuration before Kobayashi does. Please note that Mr. Kobayashi will play with the same "Solution" as you, but his colors will be shuffled differently at the beginning.

Unlocking new colors and rows / columns

If you match the solution before Kobayashi-san does, you will unlock new colors and you will be able to play with bigger grids (maximum 5x5). More precisely:

  • In the easiest levels, you must win at least twice with the current maximum number of rows, columns and colors to unlock either new rows / columns or new colors. Later on, for harder levels only one win will be enough to unlock the next features.
  • The maximum numbers of rows / columns / colors in this game will not change if you unlock new rows / columns / colors in other games

If Kobayashi-san matches the solution before you do, you can still finish your game but it will not help you to unlock new features.

In-game Menu

When you either tap or drag to the right the vertical bar on the left side of the screen, the In-Game Menu will appear. You can chose one of the following options:

  cancels the last operation made on the current try, restoring the grid to the previous state. You can repeat it many times, in order to go back to any previous state in the game.
  if you did Undo before, Redo will restore the grid to the last operation you canceled. As the Undo operation, this can be performed many times.
  displays the in-game help page.
  quits the current game.

Copyright © 2010 Luciano Morpurgo