Double Mind

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Double Mind is a new concept of color code-breaking, which takes the classic Mastermind game, expands it to the second dimension and adds more ways to play it.

As in the original, you have to guess a secret color code. But rather than being in a single row, the colors are disposed into a grid.
The computer will give you information, in terms of how many right colors in the right position - and how many in the wrong position - there are for each row and each column.
By combining those informations, your brain will be challenged in order to make your next choice of colors closer to the final solution!

Three different games in one

Double Mind can be played in three different ways, each one with its own rules:


Double Mind: Classic is the most similar to the original uni-dimensional Mastermind game: you have to guess the secret combination in a given amount of tentatives - depending on the difficulty level you chose, by placing your colors on an empty grid.
The computer will answer with its right/wrong position information for each tentative.

Click here for the full manual.


As in Classic game, in Double Mind:Swap you have to guess a hidden combination, but you start with all the right colors randomly shuffled in your grid. You play in turns against the computer by swapping colors on the grid, and the computer will do the same with its grid. The first one who guesses wins!

Click here for the full manual.


Double Mind:Shift takes a step further from the other two games by introducing a Rubik-cube style of play: the solution is shown, and your goal is to shift the colors by rows and columns in your grid in order to match it. You play against the computer at the same time, and the first one who matches the colors wins!

Click here for the full manual.

More and more challenging

The more games you win, the more features you will unlock! You start playing with a 3x3 grid and 4 colors, and as long as you win you will unlock more columns, rows and more colors, up to a maximum of a 5x5 grid and 10 colors.
Each one of the three games has its own progression level: you must unlock new features separately for each game.

See, hear, touch, play

Double Mind's visuals and sounds are real-world like, originally created for the game. An ambient music enfolds the menu, and the sounds of wooden parts in touch are the only soundtrack during the game, in order to keep your mind focused.
The wooden board and colored balls - together with the sounds - have a natural, old style feel.
The user interface is rich and versatile, but it doesn't get in your way:
  • drag your finger to select the grid size and the number of colors in the menu
  • tap anywhere in the grid and a pop up window with colors appears
  • drag on many colors to select more than one
  • copy your selected colors from a previous tentative with a single tap
  • scroll up and down the previous tentatives
  • double tap a color to mark it as 'right' with a green flag
  • Undo/redo your moves in order to restore the game to a previous state

Other features

  • You can activate a tutorial in case you want to learn while playing, or read the help page - all separately for each game
  • The game auto-saves the current progression when you quit or answer a call, you will never lose what you did!

A new fresh twist, a lasting entertainment

With three completely different ways to play, and separate unlockable features for each game, Double Mind is going to challenge your logic skills for a long time!

Differences between versions:

Full LE
Maximum grid size 5x5 4x4
Maximum # colors 10 6
iAd banners NO YES
Min iOS version Supported 3.0 4.0

Double Mind is available in full version and LE version on the iTunes App Store for iPhone 3G/3Gs/4, iPod Touch and iPad.

Minimum OS version required:
- iPhone / iPod Touch: OS v3.0 (Full) / v4.0 (Lite)
- iPad: OS v3.2

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